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 I'm here to introduce Ewya

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PostSubject: I'm here to introduce Ewya   Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:06 am

Hi hi, introducing Ewya~
You can call him Ewi with as many iiiiiiiii's as you want. Or Ewil, when he's done something he shouldn't have done~
Ewi is a 23 year old Portuguese young man that studies Psychology.
His characters are called Ewya, Hagya and Vulzevel.

Ewii has proven to be a nice person in the guild by quickly getting familiar, thus being rewarded with an original nickname! Today he has proven he can burn others too tho :'D
Brought together by fate, the first time I met Ewii was in a dq random pt, and it seems he mysteriously knows Waxi from somewhere too o:

Where did he come from and why did he join? Tune up next time to find out more!

-some cool outro tune-

Oh my, how interesting.
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I'm here to introduce Ewya
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