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 God of Misfortune [FrangeL]

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PostSubject: God of Misfortune [FrangeL]   Sun Dec 21, 2014 1:26 pm

Hello to all humans out there, I'm FrangeL, I would prefer Nemo, but none is going to call me that, so just call me GOD, that will do I guess.

About me:
First name: Nemanja
Last name: Uzelac
Country: Serbia
Date of birth: 15th of March 1994
IGN: Frangelic
Class: Sentinel
Race: Beautiful Elf
Lvl: 70
Alts: Zero, none, non-existing
State of mind: Fucked up, totally!

Now, the most important thing, in last few days I had really big ups and downs, both game related, sadly I find downs to be ones that affected me way more than ups.
About me, there is nothing really special about me, average guy, average gamer, spending 70% of my life in front of PC, doing nothing, wasting away my years, well, that's how they see it.
I do enjoy the game, gaming, communities, talks, guild chats, it's kind of a thing that is making me to stay and play.
That's about it, I don't really have anything to say, for now, I will add few more things later.
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God of Misfortune [FrangeL]
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